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Amit Madheshiya is a Mumbai-based photographer, extensively chronicling the lives of children who chose to live on the streets in metropolitan India, for which he was declared Runner Up in the Commonwealth- Canberra Times Photographer of the year 2007, besides being nominated for UNICEF Photographer of the Year Award for 2007 and 2008.

Shirley Abraham is a documentary film maker and researcher based in Mumbai. She has made a short film for Save the Children, India; and scripted and directed episodes for Kiran- a non fiction daily for Doordarshan, chronicling individual and community initiatives driving social change.

Together, Amit and Shirley have received a grant for Arts Research and Documentation from India Foundation for the Arts, for their work on the traveling cinemas of Maharashtra.

Shirley Abraham and Amit Madhesia spent six weeks at University of Heidelberg, Germany on scholarship. To know more visit the link below to the short film commissioned by chair of Prof. Dr. Christiane Brosius.





Amit Madheshiya

Shirley Abraham


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