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The Age of Calendars

Order the Tasveer Ghar calendar of 2010

Yousuf Saeed


Dear friends of Tasveer Ghar,

We have produced a desk calendar for the year 2010 titled "The Age of Calendars" based on 12 archival images published from early 1900s to 1980s, from the Priya Paul collection of popular Indian art. These show various facets of Indian life and popular print culture and tell the story 20th century India from the perspective of popular artists and calendar industry. Limited numbers of this calendar are available for our friends free of cost, if they can pay for the postage. The size of this stand-alone calendar is 7 x 9 inch, and is printed on thick art paper. If you would like to receive a copy of this calendar, kindly send us the expenses for packing and postage, along with your postal address, and we shall send you a calendar. Following are the rates for orders from India as well as outside India:

For an Indian address: Rs.150 by a cheque or demand draft in the name of

Tasveer Ghar

For outside India addresses: $16 to be paid via paypal.com

The details of these payments can be made available by email on request. Please write to us at tasveerghar@gmail.com.


Tasveer Ghar team

(Calendar designed by Yousuf Saeed)

Some samples of this calendar are still available, for archival purposes.


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