How to read and navigate through the visual essays

(1) Each essay is spread over several pages which can be navigated through links at the bottom-right corner of the page (Previous/Next links as well as option to select a particular page). To go back to a page you have already read, please use the bottom links or the Back button of your browser.


(2) Tasveer Ghar’s visual essays are written around images and must be seen along with the images in detail. Each visual essay has a detailed text part as well as large-sized images in a separate gallery, running parallel to the text. These images can be browsed either by clicking on the thumbnails or (Fig.01) numbers embedded within the text or by a “Visit the Gallery” link at the bottom of the essay.


(3) In some of our new essays, when you click on a thumbnail or a figure number in the text, a pop-up window will open on top left side of your browser where you can see the image in large size along with its detailed caption. You can browse the rest of the gallery via this pop-up window, parallel to the main essay window. However, if you click back on the main essay window, the pop-up window will go in the background (not visible to you). In that case, when you click on a thumbnail or figure link in the main essay, you may find nothing changing – that’s because the pop-up window is in the background. You need to bring it in the front to see the changes (large size images). One way to avoid this is to keep the main window not-maximised, i.e. slightly smaller than the full screen, and watch both windows in parallel.

(4) The images in the gallery contain captions as well as the credit/copyright details and other metadata that might help contextualize an image. These details often help understanding the text of the essay.

(5) To go back from a gallery image to the part of essay that you were reading, you must press the Back button of your browser. If you click on Back to the Essay link at the bottom of the gallery image, it will take you to the first page of the essay.

(6) The last page of each visual essay has two additional features at the bottom: A link About the Author that provides details of the author, and a space where you can type in your comments and feedback about the essay. All comments from the visitors have to be approved by the Tasveer Ghar admin before they appear on the site. We encourage readers to provide comments or lead a discussion about the essays.

(7) All the visual essays appearing on Tasveer Ghar website can be accessed either from a changing banner on homepage or a listing page that can be reached from most inner pages (located on a links column on the right or a Gallery link at the bottom).
Happy browsing,

The Tasveer Ghar team